FAQ: Your Questions Answered

FAQ: Your Questions Answered // jenniferesnyder.com

Many, many months ago, I offered up a chance for readers of this blog and listeners of my show to ask me anything. Do you remember that? Yeah. It's been awhile. Since then, I've also been receiving quite a few questions via email. 

So, I thought it was about time to answer those questions in an FAQ format. My hope is that aspiring writers, podcasters and content creators might find the answers pertaining to my own career path useful. And as for the personal questions: I hope you'll get a little insight into what makes me, well, me.

If you're interested, you can find the full FAQ page here.

Many thanks to those of you who submitted such thoughtful questions. And if you've got a question I didn't answer, feel free to ask away in the comment section below and I'll add it to the list! 

Episode 32 - Creating Your Own Path with Fine Artist, Designer and Quilter Luke Haynes

Photo: Nate Watters

Today's show brings me to the studio of Luke Haynes—a fine artist, designer and quilter living and working in LA. When I first heard about Luke's work, I was definitely intrigued. Not only was I very interested to chat with a man who quilts (they're a rare bunch!), but I was also fascinated to learn that his quilts are truly fine art pieces. They're meant to be more about form and conversation than they are about function.

Listen in as we chat about how his work differs from traditional quilting, where he sees himself fitting in with the trendy return of handcrafted goods and the importance of having a deep understanding of the "why" behind any creative venture.

Happy listening!




"Define your priorities." Artist, Designer + Quilter Luke Haynes


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Photo Essay: A Love Letter to Atwater Village

A Love Letter to Atwater Village

It's funny what happens when you travel. You start to picture yourself extending your stay.

Crazy questions like, "Could I live here?" begin to enter into the fuzzy periphery of your mind. "I could certainly see myself living in that sweet little bungalow with the amazing succulent garden out front," you answer yourself assuredly.

A Love Letter to Atwater Village
A Love Letter to Atwater Village

As I roamed around Atwater Village—my adopted home away from home during my stay in Los Angeles—I began to feel right at home. I had learned my way around. I knew which coffee shops had the longest lines. I was pleasantly surprised that The Griffin had amazing food (and went there twice in a 3 days—it's really good, you guys). 

A Love Letter to Atwater Village

Sure, the traffic a few blocks away on I-5 would be a complete deal-killer.

And it happened to be over 90 degrees during my visit.

In mid-March. 

But spending so much time in that particular neighborhood carved out a little place in my heart. The shops, the food, the coffee, the people. The coffee.

I almost couldn't believe it. I was falling hard.

A Love Letter to Atwater Village
A Love Letter to Atwater Village
A Love Letter to Atwater Village
A Love Letter to Atwater Village
A Love Letter to Atwater Village
A Love Letter to Atwater Village

I didn't expect to write this entry. A love letter? To a neighborhood in Los Angeles? No way. Not my scene. And yet, here we are: 

I love you, Atwater Village. Thanks for treating me so well.

Your friend for life,


Special thanks to Marissa and Sam of Bourbon and Goose
for being such gracious hosts during my stay!