Hello, September: A Letter + Free Wallpaper

FREE Digital Wallpaper Download // September 2014 // jenniferesnyder.com

Hi friends:

So, September is one of my favorite months and I'm really glad you're here to share it with me. 

Not only is it my birthday month (32, I'm coming for you), but it also signifies the beginning of fall and all things related to that glorious season. I'm ready for summer to cease, I'm ready to hunker down in a good way—with scarves and hot drinks and note pads (hence the moody wallpaper download)—and I'm ready to plan for what the very wise Hilary Rushford would call my next season of hustle.

You see, I've got big plans for the next year or so. I may have a book on the horizon (There, I said it. Feels good!) and I desperately want to take my podcast show on the road. Additionally, I'd like to spend as much time as humanly possible focusing on my own health and wellness because—let's face it—writing about the topic does very little to actually keep one healthy or well.

I hope you'll continue to join in as we all collectively journey into the new season. I know I'll be here—in warm-weather clothes—putting plans onto paper and ideas into action.



FREE Digital Wallpaper Download // September 2014 // jenniferesnyder.com

I snapped this photo during our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. The famous rain and fog, which that part of the country is known for, showed up just as we were leaving. I was able to capture the mist hanging over the trees as our ferry pulled away from the dock, heading east.

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So tell me, friends: what's in store for you this month?

Creating Your Own Path - Episode 12 - Hilary Rushford

Hilary Rushford // Founder of Dean Street Society

Hilary Rushford // Founder of Dean Street Society

Thanks to the power of the internet, I've been following along with Hilary Rushford's journey for about a year. She's super talented and has always struck me as someone who would be:

a.) fun to chat with, and
b.) full of wisdom to share. 

It turns out she is, in fact, both of those things! 

Lucky for us, she was kind enough to call in to the show via Skype last week to chat about her career path, her fashion and business coaching empire, Dean Street Society, and what valuable lessons she's learned over the last three years—along with some she's still learning.

During the interview, she was wonderfully candid about some of her struggles and how every day is an opportunity to grow her business and build her team. Prepare to be inspired, my friends!

On today's show, I chat with Dean Street Society Founder Hilary Rushford. As a fashion coach, personal stylist and business coach, Hilary has some wonderful tips and advice to share for those looking to make their way in the world of creative entrepreneurship. Listen in as we discuss the importance of asking tough questions about your passions and strengths before you launch an idea and find out how Hilary keeps herself and her business heading in the right direction.




I hope you've enjoyed listening to the episode as much I enjoyed creating it, my friends. If you'd like to support this FREE podcast, you can do so by heading over to iTunes to subscribe, rate and review the show. You can also keep up with the podcast over on Stitcher Radio. I really do appreciate your feedback and support! 

Featured: Brazen Careerist + Top U.S. Companies for Culture + Values

So, you all know I love to chat with people who are doing their own thing and making careers out of their creative passions, but the same type of freedoms and relaxed atmospheres can oftentimes be found within office walls—if you know where to look.

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with the folks at Glassdoor about a recent report detailing the top 25 companies offering the best company culture and values for the Brazen Careerist blog. I'm always fascinated by forward-thinking companies that retain talented folks who—let's be honest—could potentially do really well working for themselves.

You can read the full article here.


So now I have a few questions for you all:

To those of you who work for a larger company or organization: what do you look for in terms of company culture?

And for my fellow freelancers and business owners: would you ever go back to working for someone else if it meant participating in a company culture you could really get behind?

Let's discuss...