Photo Essay: Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem

When my husband first decided that a spring visit to Europe was a good idea, I knew we had to try and see the tulip fields in the Netherlands. I had no idea if they'd actually be in full bloom while we were there, since the harvest schedule is ultimately up to Mother Nature, but if we were going to be spending a solid amount of time in Amsterdam, my heart was pretty set on seeing at least a few colorful fields.

Mission accomplished, I'd say:  

Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem

We set aside a day for a train-to-bike-to-train trip between Amsterdam and Haarlem — one of the cities known as a starting point for tulip tourism. We started the day by walking from our Amsterdam Airbnb to the Amsterdam Centraal Station. From there, we took a 20-minute train ride to the Haarlem Train Station, walked to the bike rental shop and started our bike tour of the countryside!

Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem
Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem
Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem
Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem

We did see a lot of fields that had already been harvested and others that were just about to bloom, so the plantings must be staggered a bit to maximize the bloom season. With the number of cars and bikes on the road with us, it appears as though this area of the Netherlands has flower tourism pretty much figured out.

Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem
Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem
Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem
Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem
Tulip fields in the Netherlands // Haarlem

We decided not to visit Keukenhof due to the crowds and opted, instead, to take the various bike trails and see where we could stop along the way. The guides at the bike shop offered up maps and tips before we headed out, which came in handy. 

Overall, the touring took a full day, our bums were very sore from riding a bike for dozens of miles and I've never smiled so much in my life. I'm sure of it. I mean, how could you not smile like crazy when you spend a day among these beauties? Add in a tandem bike (which earned us more than a few stares), a picnic, and some silly times with your hilarious partner in crime and you're good to go!

Tell me friends: Have you ever visited the tulip fields in the Netherlands?

CYOP #79 - Taking Sabbaticals + Pursuing Parallel Careers with Author Karan Bajaj

CYOP #79 - Taking Sabbaticals and Pursuing Parallel Careers with Author Karan Bajaj //

Today’s guest is author Karan Bajaj. He’s written three books while being employed by various large companies and is currently the CMO of a startup. When he reached out to me, I immediately knew he needed to come on the show because he’s been able to pursue both corporate work and his worked as a published author by taking sabbaticals. I was incredibly curious to see how he's made it all work.

In the episode we chat about his 4-1-4 rule (4 years working, 1 year off, 4 years working, etc.), which he uses to plan out his sabbaticals. We also dive in to the reason he feels compelled to pursue his parallel careers, his best advice to those considering a sabbatical, how his latest break inspired and allowed him to write his latest novel, why he thinks career pressure stifles creativity and much more.





"There's too much pressure to become and reinvent all the time. Let reinvention come to you." — Author Karan Bajaj.


Follow along with Karan Bajaj's adventures:


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Want to Launch a Podcast? Read This First.

Want to Launch a Podcast? Read This First.

Truth time: as much as I love producing Creating Your Own Path, I'll be the first to admit that, like any project, there are both benefits and drawbacks involved. I've recently had a few opportunities to share my experiences in launching and producing a podcast and I thought I'd share a few of them here, along with articles and resources I've found helpful as I continue with the show.

Let's get to it, shall we?


I love Sarah Von Bargen's blog, Yes and Yes, and when the opportunity to share my thoughts on podcasting with her readers popped up, I jumped on it. In the article I'm very candid about the amount of work it takes to produce a show and why I feel it's worth it for me and my business (spoiler: it's the community!).


It was an honor to join several amazing women in podcasting to share the successes and challenges I've faced in launching and running my show over on the One Woman Shop blog. If you're looking for different perspectives on working with audio in your business, I highly recommend reading this article! 


When I first started podcasting, I ended up with research fatigue. I simply could not read one more article about microphones, software or content strategy. I couldn't do it! So I started my show. I just started. Period. 

While I'm all for jumping into things before you're ready, I do have a few resources that might help get you started along the right path (and that, hopefully, won't cause you too much pain on the research front!).

I could go on. I could continue to list every article I've ever read about podcasting, but I'm guessing you've probably stumbled across them too. They may have even caused you to have research fatigue (raise your hand in the comment section if you're with me on this one).

It's important to think through your content (the "why" behind your show matters!), the technical aspects of how you'll produce your show and the strategies you'll use for the launch and ongoing promotion. That said, the only way to get started is to actually get started.

Happy podcasting, friends!