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For the last several months I've gone about the business of lining up interviews for the Creating Your Own Path podcast. I've been reaching out to my creative friends, acquaintances and people I've admired for years and it's been incredible to receive feedback and hear that many of you love listening. It absolutely warms my heart to know that by taking the time to investigate and share stories, I've been able to create content you feel is worthwhile.

So, what does is take to create content twice each month? More than you'd think:

  • I spend time culling my list of creative people and coordinating interviews.
  • I research my guests' career path and write a script for each show to keep the conversation on point (read: to keep me from rambling).
  • I interview the guests, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the interviewee(s).
  • I spend time editing and uploading the audio so it's ready to go to iTunes and other apps.
  • I write content, fact check and source photos/graphics for the corresponding blog post for each interview.
  • I publish the podcast and blog post and share it as much as I can.

As you can see, the show takes quite some time to create and I really want to make sure I'm building something that you enjoy and want to continue participating in on a regular basis. We're all busy little souls and I know your time is valuable, so I want to know what you'd like to hear on the show. 

If you have just a few moments, I'd love to get your feedback. I have nothing to offer you in return, except the promise of my continued commitment to quality content—yet somehow I think you, the listeners of this show, understand the value of that commitment. 

You can complete the quick, painless survey here.


Thank you in advance for your input and continued support, my friends!

Why I'm Compelled to Share Stories

Ever since leaving my full-time office job, I've had trouble defining what it is I do for a living. I often find myself reducing my job title to "writer and editor" since that seems to easily describe what I do most often. Yet, my days consist of so many other activities: I write podcast scripts, chat with people for assignments, record and edit audio and I often use video and photography as a way to help tell stories.

Storytelling. That's really what I do for a living. 

I can't even begin to explain how rewarding it is to share both my own stories and the stories of others in various online and print spaces. There's a vulnerability involved in telling your story—in being open and honest—yet once we take that step, we're free. That story is no longer lurking under cover. Instead, it's out in the world where others can see it, hear it and feel it.

And let me tell you, friends—that's where the good stuff happens. Out in the open is where "me too" and "I've been there" come to play. When we share the good, the bad, the trials, the tips, the advice and everything else in between, we connect with others in a way we never thought possible.

Now, that's not to say that the stories always come easily. They're often incredibly difficult to coax out of hiding and it takes even longer to get them ready for public consumption. The other day, in fact, I sat for hours in front of a blank screen and notepad trying to get a story started. Nothing came of it, but shortly after packing it in for the day I received an email from a complete stranger thanking me for the stories I share in this space, on the podcast and elsewhere.

Please note that this rarely happens. My readership is teeny tiny compared to others out there so getting reader/listener emails isn't exactly commonplace. Yet, one email is all it really took to get the inspiration rolling again. Because, let's face it—though a story unheard is still worth telling, a story heard and felt and understood is pure magic.

Here's to both telling and hearing all the stories our little hearts can handle, friends.

Creating Your Own Path - Episode 9 - Maritza + Roshaun Davis

Maritza + Roshaun Davis of Unseen Heroes. // Photo: Milou and Olin Photography

Maritza + Roshaun Davis of Unseen Heroes. // Photo: Milou and Olin Photography

If any of you out there have attended an incredible event and wondered how it all came together, this is the show for you. Roshaun and Maritza Davis are the husband and wife team behind Unseen Heroes, which produces many of Sacramento's most popular events. They're super talented and have a knack for bringing together the perfect mix of food, music, artists, makers and more to create incredible event experiences. 

I had an opportunity to chat with them earlier this week and we covered a lot of ground—everything from collaboration and engaging the creative community to making memories and learning how to blend work, play and everything in between. My favorite discussion came in around 15:00 when I asked them about work/life balance and Roshaun noted, "We used to read books about how to work with your spouse or how to create [a] balance [...] People would tell us that we had to separate work from play from family [...] What we have found is that it's a blend [...] We've blended it all."

It only gets better from there and let me tell you: these two have a lot of inspiration and wisdom to share. Happy listening, my friends!


Today's episode brings me to ThinkHouse Collective in midtown Sacramento to chat with Roshaun and Maritza Davis of Unseen Heroes. Together they founded the Sacramento-based event production company, which hosts and produces dozens of events and gatherings throughout the region and beyond.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of collaboration, how they've created a life/work continuum (rather than balance) that suits them and where they find inspiration for their event concepts. 


Get to know Maritza and Roshaun and follow along with their upcoming adventures!



Special thanks to ThinkHouse Collective in Midtown Sacramento for the use of their recording space.


I hope you've enjoyed listening to the episode as much I enjoyed creating it, my friends. Please be sure to head over to iTunes to subscribe, rate and review Creating Your Own Path, if you have a moment. You can also keep up with the podcast over on The Stitcher App. I really do appreciate your feedback and support!