Podcast // Creating Your Own Path - Episode 5 - Sarah Dawson

Sarah Dawson // Photo courtesy of Stephen Anthony Photography.

Sarah Dawson // Photo courtesy of Stephen Anthony Photography.

I am very excited to welcome Sarah Dawson to the Creating Your Own Path podcast today. A professional photographer who has been splitting her time between San Francisco, New York and Paris, Sarah has landed some pretty fantastic opportunities along the way and was kind enough to share how some of her international projects came about. 

She was full of great advice during the interview, but my favorite quote comes in around 14:10 when chatting about her best advice for those looking to get into a creative field: "I think the most important thing is to ask yourself, 'What is your passion,' because any path you start on is going to have a lot of challenges and setbacks [...] At the end of the day, every part of it is worth it if you love what you do."

So true.

As you can imagine, I left the interview completely inspired. Happy listening, my friends!

Creating Your Own Path - A Podcast - http://jenniferesnyder.com

This episode brings me to ThinkHouse Collective in Sacramento, California to chat with talented international photographer, Sarah Dawson.

Listen in as she discusses her creative journey, her dreams of living in Paris full-time and why she focuses on taking care of herself by putting her wellbeing ahead of her business goals.


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Special thanks to ThinkHouse Collective in Midtown Sacramento for the use of their recording space.


I hope you've enjoyed listening to the episode as much I enjoyed creating it, my friends. Please be sure to head over to iTunes to subscribe, rate and review Creating Your Own Path, if you have a moment. I really do appreciate your feedback and support! 

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Kachet from The Lipstick Giraffe // Photo: Christie Spencer Photography

Kachet from The Lipstick Giraffe // Photo: Christie Spencer Photography

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Katie from Twin Stripe // Photo: Sara Logan Photography

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Amy from Creatrice Mondial // Photo: Mike Puglisi

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