Featured: A Sacramento Guide on Design Sponge

Featured: A Sacramento Guide on Design Sponge

I'm traveling later this week, but I'm a huge fan of exploring my own city. I've spent most of my life in the Sacramento area and have watched it grow into a really wonderful place to live! Compared to California's larger cities, Sacramento's cost of living is still relatively low, our weather is pretty great and — best of all — the creative community here is thriving

I recently had the opportunity to share an updated Sacramento City Guide with Design Sponge and you can find it over on their site today! Though it was impossible to write about all of my favorite spots in the post (because, let's face it — I could fill a book), sharing some highlights with Design Sponge readers is such an honor. 

Go check it out today, if you have a moment, and if you're in Sacramento, feel free add your favorites in the Design Sponge comment section

The Importance of Taking Breaks

The Importance of Taking Breaks 

If you've listened to the latest podcast episode or read the latest Creative Digest newsletter, you know that I'm planning to take a few weeks off from both of those projects.

Breaks are important, you guys. In a world that is overly connected, those of us who create content often feel as though we have to churn out new, wonderful, amazing things for you to read, watch or listen to all the time. The internet never sleeps and it's really easy to feel as though you may become irrelevant if your blog or podcast (or YouTube channel, or Instagram feed, or, or, or...) goes dark for a bit.

Thing is: the more I take breaks, the more I realize that's simply not the case! I've also come to realize that I'm 100% better at my job (and better at life, if I'm being honest) when I allow myself the opportunity to step back and take a breather.

So as planned, the first break of CYOP Season 3 is upon us! You can expect new episodes to start rolling in sometime in late May. If you're a new subscriber to the Creative Digest (welcome!), you'll see the weekly newsletters pick back up around the same time.

I will likely have some blog posts popping up here and there over the next few weeks, but mainly I'll be spending the time:

  1. On a much-needed vacation with my husband.
  2. Working on some really fun freelance projects.
  3. Prepping for a few upcoming events.
  4. Pre-recording podcast interviews.
  5. Taking care of myself!  

I know you all can probably relate in some way to this need to press pause and I really appreciate that about you. I'm curious: have you ever taken a hiatus from projects or the internet, in general? How'd it go? Let's talk about it!

CYOP #78 - Committing to Practice + Starting Before You're Ready with Trisha Hughes of Eat Your Beets

Today, I’m chatting with the very talented Trisha Hughes of the food blog Eat Your Beets.

Not only is Trisha food blogger, but she’s also become an incredible resource for those who want to learn more about the art of food photography. In the interview, we talk about how she got started as a blogger and why food photography did not come as naturally to her in the beginning as she had hoped. 

She also talks about the reasons she decided to teach others how to photograph food (rather than follow the trajectory of her peers by jumping into cookbooks), what she's learned about marketing her photography workshops and ebooks, and why she believes in starting before you’re ready.





There's something to be said about putting yourself out there before you're ready." — Trisha Hughes, Eat Your Beats via www.creatingyourownpath.com.


Follow along with Trisha's adventures:


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