Episode 28 - Creating Your Own Path with Fine Artist Maren Conrad

Creating Your Own Path with Fine Artist Maren Conrad || Photo: Penny Sylvia

Creating Your Own Path with Fine Artist Maren Conrad || Photo: Penny Sylvia

Today's show brings me to the Sacramento studio of fine artist Maren Conrad. Her incredible artwork is no stranger to both controversy and praise and Maren is the first to note that taking risks is just part of the job. Listen in as we discuss how she and her business partner Elizabeth Wood are creating opportunities for fine artists to enjoy new revenue streams, how she's dealt with public criticism of her work and the importance of supporting creatives.





"Everybody has to start somewhere." —Maren Conrad, fine artist || Find the full interview at creatingyourownpath.com.

Prompt Club: Meet the Interviewees - Part 1

Prompt Club: Meet the Interviewees - Part 1 // promptclub.com

As I mentioned here and here, we all have different reasons for journaling and our practices all look very different. Some of us keep things simple by writing a few sentences about gratitude each day, some of us get lost in words only to look up and realize we've rambled on for 15 pages and some of us only write when we need it most.

The goal of PROMPT CLUB is to create a habit of writing and, though it helps to do something each day when you're trying to build a habit, my hope is to show that journaling doesn't have to be hard or scary or forced. It can be—dare I say it—enjoyable.

In order to illustrate the different ways in which people choose to journal, I've reached out to a few friends for help. Eight women have been kind enough to share their journaling stories for the course and I'm very excited to introduce a few of them to you today!


Amanda Carter Gomes || PROMPT CLUB 2015

AMANDA CARTER GOMES is Executive Editor of Clementine Daily. She lives in Seattle with her husband and their two sweet boys. She spent much of her early career working in marketing and event management before moving on to photo shoot/commercial production where she worked for companies like Getty Images, Microsoft, MTV and artists like Julie Blackmon. In 2013, she established Merit Creative Consulting to bring her marketing, PR and creative services under one roof, and shortly after joined the online lifestyle community at Clementine Daily. For a glimpse of what inspires, amuses and confounds Amanda, follow her here


Leslie M. Bosserman || PROMPT CLUB 2015

LESLIE M. BOSSERMAN, M.Ed., CPCC, is a Leadership Coach and Culture Consultant with a background in strengths-based leadership development and applied positive psychology. She runs a multi-disciplinary practice called Lead With Intention™ where she coaches, trains, and consults with clients around the world. Working with a variety of clients ranging from top executives at worldwide corporations to creative entrepreneurs and non-profit teams, Leslie helps leaders and their teams revitalize their individual lives and organizational environments. She loves to travel and explore new places and has visited over 30 countries as well as living abroad in the Middle East for a year where she volunteered at local schools with her husband, Joel. Leslie currently lives in Northern California and travels internationally for coaching, organizational trainings, and retreat facilitation. 


Lisa Yoder || PROMPT CLUB 2015

LISA YODER grew up on a dairy farm in the wilds of Central PA. Now, she’s a Philadelphia-based web developer, food and travel writer and blogger. She loves to work out what she thinks about the world through writing just for herself. When she’s not working, she’s probably traveling, reading, writing, taking photos, eating cheese, and/or holding a cat. Stay in touch and say hello at lisayoder.is.


Melissa Camilleri || PROMPT CLUB 2015

MELISSA CAMILLERI is the founder and creative director of Compliment—a jewelry and gift company focused on creating handmade gifts for the spirit. She also taught high school English and AVID for ten years before deciding to work on Compliment full-time. A writer at heart, she believes in the power of words and has infused that belief directly into her business. When not creating jewelry, Melissa can be found building the Compliment Scholarship Program, teaching, reading and spending time with friends and family. 

If you're anything like me, you love to hear how others do things. I find it so helpful and reassuring to know that others have found a way to make something work for them. Throughout the eight weeks of PROMPT CLUB, you'll be hearing from these women about their journaling stories. They'll share the why and the how behind their own practice and offer solidarity as we move through the course. Stay tuned—you'll be meeting the rest of the women next week!


If you're interested in signing up for PROMPT CLUB, now is the time! The course is currently being offered at a very reasonable introductory rate, but that rate goes up on March 1st (that's THIS Sunday). Don't miss your chance to grab your seat for less!

Click the button below to learn more! 

What to Expect from Prompt Club

What to Expect from Prompt Club // promptclub.com

Not surprisingly, I've been talking to people about PROMPT CLUB a lot lately.

"But I'm not a writer," they say. "Sure you are," I reply.

"How will it help me?" they ask. "For me, the knowledge that I've done something for myself each day has helped me become a better wife, friend, daughter, sibling and business person," I respond.

"Isn't journaling kind of woo-woo?" they inquire, usually with a sheepish grin. "It doesn't have to be," I insist, rambling on about the scientific studies that note the benefits of a journaling practice.

Here's the deal: You don't have to write for a living, be a certain type of person or love the self-help section of the bookstore to benefit from journaling. Writing isn't a practice reserved for someone else. We all get to participate, if we choose to do so. In my opinion, writing is one of the least expensive forms of entertainment, therapy and play ever invented. It's just that sometimes we need a reminder. A gentle nudge. A permission slip.

Permission granted, my friends.

So for those looking to participate, I thought I'd offer up a few things PROMPT CLUB students can expect from the course:

All I'm asking for in this course is five minutes each day. You may really enjoy writing from one prompt and then hate writing from the next. That's okay. Not all of the prompts will get the creativity flowing for you, but the simple act of grabbing a pen and paper (or keyboard and screen—writer's choice!) and sitting down for a few minutes will create habit. And guess what? If after five minutes you only end up with "I hate this prompt!" written on the page, you've still written four words more than when you started. I call that a win.

The prompts offered in each email will be short and open to interpretation. The prompts will be so open, in fact, that they'll be usable regardless of the "why" behind your journaling practice. If you're writing a novel and need a little push in the character development department—the prompts will help. If you're working through life's tougher moments (both past and present, because let's face it: we've all been there), the prompts are the perfect jumping off point. If you're hoping to find your public storytelling voice, I urge you to use the prompts as an exercise in first sorting through your story in private.

This course has very little to do with writing well. It may seem strange, but I have no interest in critiquing writing styles or correcting grammar in the course. Why? Because it would defeat the purpose. There will be no virtual instructor at the front of the class telling you to revise your prose or reconsider word choices. No one will judge you for skipping a day or for opting out of a prompt. You will, however, gain a group of fellow journaling friends who—though they may journal for different reasons—are in the thick of it right alongside you. 

If you're up for the challenge, I'd love to see you all in class. Remember, PROMPT CLUB registration is open through March 20th, but the introductory registration rate of $59 ends at 11:59 p.m. on February 28th. 

Simply click the button below for all the details.